Cheesy Chips and Dippin’ Dots


Being a Kids Hope mentor is both enjoyable and fulfilling because it provides the opportunity to help shape a child’s future. Studies show that children with positive role models are more likely to succeed in school. They are more likely to have stronger relationships and less likely to become involved in illegal activity. As such, each Kids Hope mentor is carefully screened and thoroughly trained. These loving, caring adults volunteer one hour each week to nurture the heart of an at risk child.

This relationship is not always easy, but when done with consistency it can make a difference in the life of a child. As mentor Penny explains below, even though a strong relationship takes time and dedication, the result is priceless!

“This is my second year mentoring through the Kids Hope program. Last summer my “little”, Kaitlyn, and I were able to go community based, which means we can now see each other outside of school. This past month, for Kaitlyn’s 10th birthday, we went to Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge. She brought out the inner child in me. Even though I was paralyzed after the first obstacle, Kaitlyn loved it! She did the whole obstacle course! I praised her on how awesome she was for doing the whole sequence and she teased me about being so scared. After we were done we shared some cheesy chips and Dippin’ Dots, it was a great day!

We took lots of pictures, which we try to do on all of our adventures. I plan on making a scrape-book of our memories together and give it to her when she graduates from Beaumont.

I cannot begin to explain how mentoring Kaitlyn has become such a significant part of my life. The memories we have made will be cherished forever. Kaitlyn has been such a blessing and I know that we will be in each other’s lives for a long time to come. God definitely knew what He was doing when He matched the two of us together in the Kids Hope Program.”