Check Out This Great Parenting Resource

Last week, Josh Whitehead introduced me to a You Version daily Devotional called Parenting by Design. I am really enjoying this devotional and strongly encourage you to check it out. The content is excellent. Each day’s devotional is a brief, easy to read, parenting tip/reminder. In addition there is a corresponding verse(s) that connects to the parenting tip. Each day’s reading takes between 3-5 minutes. To maximize this resource and experience, my wife Emily is also reading each day’s devotion. This allows us to discuss the topic and how it applies to our parenting. Take a couple of minutes and check out this resource.


Don’t forget that registration has opened for this year’s Faith Promise Marriage and Parenting Summit. This year’s summit will be held at both the Pellissippi and Blount campuses. The cost is extremely reasonable ($20.00 per couple, $15.00 for one person), the sessions will be excellent (all facilitated by people at Faith Promise) and child care is provided. You can check out all the details or register at I look forward to seeing you there.