Changes to Improve Your Family in 2012

Define Reality. That’s the first step in making changes to improve your family in 2012. Take inventory of how your family is doing spiritually, relationally, emotionally, financially, physically, etc.

Change requires change. Most families would say that they want/need to make some changes/improvements. Where the rubber meets the road is after determining what changes we need to make is taking action. Let’s say you recognize there is a growing distance in your relationship with your teenager. Recognizing the problem is great but now come the tough part. How will you improve your relationship with your teenager? Some of the possibilities include:

  • Pray
  • Schedule intentional 1 on 1 time doing something they like to do
  • Affirm, encourage, reinforce
  • Demonstrate unconditional love
  • Doing stop parenting, rather look for ways to change your parenting strategy

These suggestions were just an example of what you can do with any area you want to improve in your family.

Remember – change requires changes.

The Family Ministry Team at Faith Promise would love to help you.

What changes will you make in 2012 to benefit your family?