Celebrating Well





I have noticed something about myself over the past few months and it is that I don’t celebrate things well. That’s not uncommon for my personality type. As a results oriented personality I want to see things happen and as soon as they do I move on to the next thing. I find it hard at times to celebrate the win well before moving on to the next thing.


This past week we had our end of the school year Bash. I was praying for over 800 students total to come with at least 400 being middle schoolers. What happened was a phenomenal event with 409 middle schoolers in attendance and over 16 students indicating that they wanted to start a personal relationship with Christ. Wow. Now that’s a win. Unfortunately I didn’t celebrate that well. I immediately started processing our next event for student ministry.


Here is what God is showing me. If I can’t celebrate what He has already done then how can I expect Him to continue to do amazing things in the future?  I need to learn to celebrate well. Whether its in ministry or in my family I must learn to celebrate the things that God is doing. Here are some ideas that can help us learn to celebrate well:


Idea 1:  Schedule the time in advance to celebrate. If its an event with an end date go ahead and set a time in advance to celebrate what God will do. If there is not a fixed end to it then plan in advance what you will do to celebrate, and then set the time when God moves and takes action.


Idea 2:  Surround yourself with people who celebrate well. Don’t just surround yourself with them but give them permission to hold you accountable and give you ideas on celebrating well.


I believe when we start celebrating well what God has done we will see Him move in even bigger ways in the future.