Caution: Watch Out For Ordinary

I believe one of the greatest dangers to our marriages is when we begin to treat them as ordinary. Recently I had lunch with a guy from Florida. During conversation I shared that I was craving an orange. He indicated that they had a tree that produced a type of small orange right in their yard at home. He them shared that unfortunately most of the time the oranges simply fell to the ground uneaten. Apparently, having this type of tree was quite ordinary in their part of Florida.

Are you treating your marriage, which is or has the potential to be extraordinary like it is ordinary? In other words, are you taking your marriage for granted? How dangerous. It is very rare when I talk to a couple who invests time and attention to their marriage/spouse whose marriage is in real trouble. Let’s never treat something extraordinary (our marriages) as something common.

Are you watching out for “ordinary” in your marriage?