Capture God Moments

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

A few week ago Pastor Josh taught on the topic of Create a Rhythm.  Creating a Rhythm is tapping into the power of quality moments together and building a sense of purpose through your everyday experiences. 

As parents, we all have some time with our kids.  Whether it’s structured or unstructured we have more time than we think.  And my success in parenting my 9 year old relies much on my ability to recognize the hidden moments in the car, before bedtime, at the dinner table or just hanging out on the back deck to build a sense of purpose in her.  To help Josie see that she has a greater purpose today and that purpose is found when she looks to God whose power is at work in her.  And by this power God can do infinitely more than Josie could ask or imagine

Sometimes I do well with those quality moments.  And others I let slip by me.  I think there is grace in there somewhere.    The greater point is making sure that we (as parents) work to set ourselves up for quality moments.  This requires some intentionality.  It means…

  • sitting down around the dinner table and eating together
  • turning off the television and playing cards instead
  • turning off the radio in the car and talking to each other

I’ve found that these moments hold great potential for rich conversations.

But here is a secret I’ll let you in on.  The richest conversations I’ve had with my daughter usually stem from a topic she’s already got brewing in her noggin.  For example, last month Josie has focused on the topic of Forgiveness in fpKIDS.  So, when she comes home upset about an altercation with a friend I’m able to talk to her about rocks in her bucket.  You see, I watched a video on my Parent Cue app ($1.99 in app store) about how unforgiveness is like holding a bucket full of rocks.  A weight you don’t need to carry around. 

Since I watched that 5 minute video I’m better prepared for the random God-moment to take a concept Josie is learning about and make it personal.  Helping our kids to make spiritual concepts personal is the key to teaching them how to grow in their faith.