Cape Town Day 1

We arrived in Cape Town last night and headed for The Team House. It was so late, and we had just traveled a total of 27 hours, so we went straight to bed.

We left the Team House early Sunday morning and went to King of Kings Baptist Church. John Thomas is the pastor of this church and he and his wife Avril are the folks who started Living Hope, the organization that Faith Promise works with. The church motto is “Love God. Love People. Make Disciples.” He preached a sermon based on this message. His basic points were to evaluate yourself and see how are you doing on your journey? What are you doing to help liberate people? What are you doing to help people in general?

From King of Kings, we made our way to Masi Baptist Church. This is a church that Living Hope planted in the Masiphumelele township. The service was in Xhosa. As Americans who don’t speak Xhosa, we had no idea what they were saying. But the great thing about God is that his love and message are universal. We may not understand, but you know that worship is happening.

After lunch in Simon’s Town, we headed to Table Mountain and actually got to go to the top! You can’t go up if it is too windy or cloudy. The view of Cape Town from up there is ridiculous. Ridiculous beauty. Just more of God’s work.

In the evening we went to Hillsong Church. You want to talk about kids being fired up for Jesus. That place is a three story room packed FULL. They had to bring chairs out in the foyer to seat people. There was a gentlemen speaking named Reggie Dabbs and he was absolutely hilarious. You should definitely look him up, as his story is amazing.

We came back to the Team House for dinner with Pastor John Thomas. Hearing him speak about Living Hope and how it got started and how much God has done for them never fails to bring tears to my eyes-even after hearing it four times already. Tomorrow is our first day in the township of Ocean View. He gave us some statistics that floored us – such as the fact that only 16% of the children in Ocean View have a father figure in their life.

As someone who has been on this trip twice before I absolutely cannot wait for the people who haven’t been before to experience everything that I love so much about this country and the townships. The people are so hard not to love.