Called Out Series Begins This Weekend!


Happy New Year, Promisors!

As 2017 begins, I hope you have already joined me and hundreds of your fellow FPC family members in praying, fasting, and using my latest book, Called Out, for your daily devotions with our Lord. As we read and work through this book together during the month of January, I pray and BELIEVE God will use it as an instrument to help each of us grow closer to Him, launching us into our best year yet – personally, spiritually, and as a church body.

If you haven’t already done so, please remember to develop your Personal Growth Plan and commit to reading the Bible through with us this year. Plans to help you accomplish these goals can be found in the back of your Called Out book, and free copies are still available at each of our campuses. If you would like a digital version of the book, you may download a copy here.

On January 7-8, we begin our Called Out sermon series. In the book, we see that an angel showed up at Daniel’s house and gave him a new and wonderful name chosen by God: “Man of High Esteem.” The world wants to put negative labels on us to chain us down and try to defeat us, but God has a different plan! As His children, He doesn’t label us, He names us because through Jesus we are more than overcomers! Wow!

Please don’t miss a single weekend in January as we discover how to change our stinking thinking and become all that God would have us to be. Remember – what God calls you calls you out!

I can’t wait to see what God does and to hear all the life-transforming stories that will occur during this series!  See you this weekend!


Pastor Chris