Bulletproof Week 1 – Discussion Questions



In order to have bulletproof faith, we must first allow the Holy Spirit to enter us by accepting salvation. The next step is believer’s baptism.


Do you think of doubt as a positive or a negative thing? Can you give examples of times when doubt has either helped or hindered you?


This week Pastor Chris encouraged us all to “nail it down,” that is, nail down our trust in God to save us. He reviewed the gospel, the good news, and he asked that we trust God and surrender our lives to Him. Even if you have been saved for many years, try walking this path again. Remember what Christ has done for you. Sometimes when we go down the road for a while, we can forget where we have been and how far we have come.


As we begin this series on doubt, you may take a few moments of your group time to discuss privacy and trust within your group. What are your rules for sharing? Does information shared in the group stay in the group, or are members allowed to share with other friends? Be clear about your rules and boundaries so that people feel safe.

1. Has anything ever caused you to doubt your faith? Personal tragedies? Unbelieving friends? The news? Natural disasters? Science?

The first step of faith is nailing down salvation. A common way to condense the gospel message is called the Roman Road. We begin in Romans 3. Read Romans 3:23.

2. One of the lies Satan whispers to us is that no one could love us if they knew what we thought, what we did, or where we’ve been. How does the truth of this scripture make you feel? How does social media feed the idea that others are perfect and our lives are the only ones messed up?

Read Romans 5:8.

3. What is your response when others make mistakes? Does it depend on who makes the mistake (your boss, your co-worker, your spouse, your kids)? Have you ever taken the fall for some else’s mistake?

Read Romans 10:9-10, 13.

4. Why do you think it is necessary that we vocally express our belief in Christ?

5. Have you confessed Christ as your Lord? Give everyone in the group a chance to share their salvation story.

6. Have you been baptized? Does anyone want to share their story of baptism? Why is baptism an important step in a believer’s life?

7. Does being saved mean that we will never have doubts?

8. Where can we turn when we have doubts? What builds up your faith?


4. Saying something out loud can make it seem more real. It is part of going public with our faith. During baptism at Faith Promise, those being baptized are asked if they have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is their confession of faith.

7. Being saved means that we accept that Christ has paid for our sin by his death on the cross. It does not mean that we will not have doubts.

8. We can turn to God’s word, the Bible, and to our friends in the faith. Faith Promise, and by extension your small group, should be a safe place where people can bring their doubts. As Jude 22 says, we should have mercy on those who are doubting. We all have doubts at some time. Groups should be a place where we build each other up and strengthen each other’s faith.