Building Your Foundation

By Kerri Karel

I am so grateful that Faith Promise is a “come as you are” kind of church. Just like Jesus meets us where we are, Faith Promise does the same. And just like Jesus, Faith Promise does not want people to stay the same way they were when they came. As our relationship with Christ deepens, we will grow and change to be more like Jesus. This is not an event. It is a process.

My relationship with Christ started 15 years ago. Having spent the first part of my adult life lost and wandering, my life really changed when I began a relationship with Jesus. God placed many loving, spiritual Christ-followers in my path to help me figure out where and how to start building my foundation. Without them, I might have remained stuck without knowing how to move forward and grow. I am truly, eternally grateful to Cindy, Sara and my first small group.

Over time I have spoken with many new believers as well as long-time church goers who ask, “Now what?” Many honestly don’t know where to start as they grow their relationship with Jesus. Having experienced transformation through a relationship with my Creator, I have a heart for helping others begin their relationship with Jesus. Two years ago Faith Promise needed a champion to create a way to help answer “Now what?” At the same time I was receiving a “Holy Spirit nudge” to seek out ways to serve those who needed direction on what to do next. God’s timing is always right on time.

The Foundations group exists to answer the question, “Now what?” It is specifically designed for those who want to grow their relationship with Jesus. This describes people just beginning a relationship with Him and also those who have attended church for a long time but have not ever been intentional in growing their relationship with Jesus.

Are you feeling that “Holy Spirit nudge”? It may be time to begin building your Foundation! Don’t ignore it and miss the greatest blessing you will ever receive – a relationship with Jesus.

To learn more and to signup for a six-week Foundations group on any of Faith Promise’s campuses, check out the list of available groups.