Breaking the Barriers of My Comfort Zone

(This post was written by Evan Crass, Associate Pastor of Groups)

Have you ever had an opportunity to do something exciting, only to let it pass? As an adrenaline junkie, I love the sense of adventure that comes with new opportunities, yet I know I have also let my need for security make me miss chances for new quests and memories.

What does it take for me to conquer the risk that comes with something new? I’ve realized two things about myself. (1) When frustration becomes unbearable, I’m more likely to take the risk. (2) But the potential reward must be worth it.

As I walked the room during our recent groups kickoff weekend, I heard numerous stories from people investigating groups. They covered a wide range of details, but they each included frustration and longing for something better. It was exciting to see people take a risk by connecting with others. The dissatisfaction with the status quo allowed them to consider the adventure of new friendships. And the potential prize of a new community was so appealing that it overshadowed any perceived risks. The result was a step beyond the barrier of their comfort zone.

My comfort zone is, well, comfortable. But it is also boring. My greatest moments involve me breaking through the barrier of my comfort zone and pursuing something bigger and better. I am so excited for the new adventure more than 100 people are undertaking as new groups are starting in the next week. And it isn’t too late for you to break down your own barrier and join them.

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