Between the Lines Week 3 – Discussion Questions

Main Point

When life moves between the lines, our move is to trust God.

Start the Conversation

It is so much easier to choose what’s best for our children/grandchildren when it comes to nutrition or movie content. Why do we have such difficulty choosing what’s best for us?


This week we look at the struggle between our desires and God’s design for our lives. The choices we make for ourselves often conflict with God’s design for us. Whether we fully understand at this moment or not, our decisions impact the lives of others. The purpose of this week’s discussion is to cultivate an awareness of how our lifestyle makes a difference in the lives of others.

Encounter God through Bible Study

A note to Group Leaders: As you prepare for study this week, be sure to check out the Leader Notes at the bottom of this post!

Read James 1:27.

1. Does this verse describe your experience of religion? Why or why not? Is your group serving the local community in some way?

Read Proverbs 14:30.

2. How have you seen envy “rot the bones”? How can we learn to be satisfied with what we have?

Read Prov. 15:27.

3. Do you think you have enough money, or could you use just a little more? Describe the consequences of choosing money or possessions over relationships.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:18-19.

4. A Christian has the Holy Spirit living within him-/herself. How does this fact make sexual immorality such a terrible sin?

Read Philippians 3:19.

5. What are some examples of appetites that we overindulge? How do Christians’ indulgences, other than sex, affect their testimony?

Read 1 Peter 5:8, 1 Timothy 5:4, 8, and 16.

6. Did God intend for humans to live independent of other humans? What is God’s design?

Read James 1:20.

7. What are some results of human anger? How can we guard against this sin?

Embrace Biblical Community

Break into Triads (groups of 3) and pray for opportunities to share the Good News with specific coworkers, neighbors, family or friends this week. Write down names of those mentioned. Update and share next week.

Expand God’s Kingdom

Is there anyone you know who would benefit from knowing that God really does tell us how He wants us to live? Share the link to this service or share how your life changed because someone told you about the Gospel.

Leader Notes

1. We are to visit orphans and widows and make sure their needs are met. We are also to keep ourselves unstained by the world by keeping our focus on how we obey the Word’s instruction. Check out to find opportunities for your group to serve locally.

2. Envy, or desiring something that is not ours can lead to many other sins. Consider David and Bathsheba. Envy of another man’s wife lead to the sins of adultery and murder. Discuss how envy can lead to a betrayal of trust (whether an affair, lying, or stealing).

3. We never intend to hurt people. but there seem to be things we think we really need. Whenever we buy something for ourselves instead of getting whatever our kids need, we teach them selfishness is acceptable. When we choose extra time at work to afford something we really want, are we sacrificing relationships? Discern the difference between “need” and “want.”

4. In sex two become one. The Holy Spirit is part of a Christian, so he/she is allowing sexual immorality to interfere with the Spirit. Is this the way Christians should honor God?

5. Examples of gluttony are drug abuse, alcoholism and overeating. By indulging in these practices, we are harming our bodies and setting bad examples.

6. Satan wants us to feel like we are more capable, smarter and better than other people. He wants us to be impatient with others and then isolate ourselves. This is the opposite of God’s design. God wants us to practice humility, service to others, patience, and love.

7. Results of anger include domestic abuse (all kinds), violence, hate, and terrorism. These destroy individuals, families, communities and nations.