Between the Lines Week 2 – Discussion Questions

Main Point

When life moves between the lines our move is to trust God.

Start the Conversation

This week Pastor used a vehicle mirror as a metaphor for our worldview. Have you experienced an accident or avoided an accident because of your rearview mirror? Tell the group about it.


When it comes to a deliberate worldview, our trust is in the relationship, not the rules. This week’s purpose is twofold: first, identify what influences affect our worldview, and second, adjust the mirrors of our world view. A deliberate worldview favors our relationships with God and others over all other concerns.

Encounter God through Bible Study

A note to Group Leaders: As you prepare for study this week, be sure to check out the Leader Notes at the bottom of this post!

1. Who and what most influences your current worldview?

Read Philippians 3:7-9.

2. Consider Paul’s past (see verses 4-6). Paul’s history influenced him, but it was not where he derived his value or his worldview. He made a deliberate choice to behave differently than his history and circumstances dictated. Why did Paul make this choice? How has your relationship with Christ affected your choices?

3. How many of your day-to-day choices are “defaults” and how many are deliberate? If you make choices based on your “default,” is your “default” setting where you want it to be?

Read Psalm 119:105.

4. How does God’s word illuminate your path? What have you learned by reading God’s word since our last meeting? Do you have a plan for reading God’s word regularly?

5. Pastor Chris compared the way God’s word lights our path, to the way high beams are useful in a vehicle. The flip-side is that high beams can blind those going the opposite direction. How can we purposefully reflect God’s light towards others without blinding them?

Read Galatians 5:7-10.

6. Just as it only takes a little yeast to make a loaf of bread rise, it only takes slightly misaligned mirrors to cause an accident. What are some influences that affect or misalign the mirrors of your worldview?

Read Philippians 1:3-6.

7. How do you feel about God perfecting you? How would you describe the balance between what you do to grow (your effort) and what God does to perfect us? How can you create this balance in your life?

Embrace Biblical Community

Break into Triads (groups of 3). Have each person share one thing they need to do to “adjust their mirror.” This might be reading God’s word daily, spending time in prayer, avoiding something that causes them to sin, etc. Pray over each other that each person would grow in their relationship with Christ and their worldview would be shaped by this relationship.

Expand God’s Kingdom

Think back to the discussion question on high beam headlights. Are you so afraid of blinding others you turn your lights off completely or do your high beams blind all others in your path? Why do you favor your choice and what is the problem with continuing either in your life? Use what you learned from others in group to share a “flash” of light with someone you know this week.

Leader Notes

1. There are no wrong answers-we are all works in progress. The point is realizing how we all have a “default” worldview. As Christians, how should we continue to work to align our worldview based on our relationship with God?

4. Encourage your group to be in the Word daily. You can join in the Faith Promise yearly reading plan, or you can choose a different plan to follow as a group. The Bible app or have many plans available at as well as a social aspect that allows you to see your friends’ reading progress.

5. Pastor Chris suggested “flashing lights.” He said “We should use the Word to inform our worldview, not as a weapon to beat people into submission.” Guide the discussion to stories of positive interactions with unbelievers as well as “fails” or “what-not-to-do.”

6. Since this question is more personal, if your group is new or large, it may be be more appropriate to discuss this after you break into Triads. Remember that what may cause one person to stumble may not be an issue for someone else. Be sensitive to others. Groups should be a safe place to share our hurts and hang ups. All have sinned and fallen short (Romans 3:23).

7. See John 15:1-5. Our job is to abide in Christ. If we abide in him we will bear fruit.