Between Series: The Cave

The Cave

1. Pastor Josh shared about the story of Elijah when he isolated himself. When have you felt isolated or felt the uncomfortableness of going through a “dark” period in your life?

2. Isolation is often self imposed, just as it was for Elijah. Recall a time when you isolated yourself or distanced yourself from your friends or family.

3. Isolation often causes our perception to be skewed, causing us to see things not as they truly are. How is this true? When have you experienced this?

4. Isolation ends where pride fades and God’s work begins. When have you heard God say “go”, much like He did with Elijah, and how did you respond?

5. God reveals to Elijah that he is not the only one and that 7,000 others exist who are like him. In what struggles have you felt alone? In what struggles have you felt isolated only to find others who are dealing with or have dealt with the same issues? How has the company of others dealing with the same issues helped you?

Scripture verses:
1 Kings 19:3-15
1 Kings 19:18