Back2Back Day 4

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Things start early around here for me, not so much by design but by choice. There’s a peacefulness in this place that’s special. We’re surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains and the vistas are incredible. The grounds are still — except for the chorus of birds, and roosters crowing as the sun begins to rise over the mountains behind our compound. The mountains opposite the sunrise turn almost gold when the light reaches them and you can’t help but be reminded of the awesomeness of our God.

Things get moving quickly shortly after the sunrise with other folks rising and walking to the dining hall to get some much needed coffee while others on our team begin their morning workout rituals. Breakfast follows and then the pace goes from 0 to 70mph. Today we began with a short seminar on the impact of trauma and neglect on our body, brain and belief system. We’re reminded that our God is relational and wants to connect with each of us personally. This is what we’re doing with the children, their caregivers, Back2Back and each other.

When we first arrive at the Imperio de Amore childrens’ home, we are greeted with sleepy but excited faces. After the children finish their chores we are able to play games with them, talk with them (mostly through body language and very broken Spanglish), we eat with them, we clean with them, and we even have the opportunity to take them to school on their school bus—which is an experience in itself.

It’s after they have been dropped off that the real work begins. We, as a Faith Promise team, are honored to be part of making their home more beautiful and more efficient. In only the two days we’ve been working at their home we have already laid the ground work for a new side walk, installed new ceiling fans, painted their new library, and have begun building a new floor to the house which will soon house more children! What a blessing to see things come together for this home and for these children.

– Jeff and Claire Evans

mexico 4