Back2Back Day 3


I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. I know about as much Spanish as a lot of these children do English, so “un poco”. Luckily, I’ve found a different way to communicate with some of the people here: music. The second night in Mexico, I met a man who didn’t speak English, but he did speak music. We played guitar with each other for a long time; Julio playing the beautiful and difficult scales, and I strumming the chords. We quickly got along because Julio could tell which key he needed to play in by looking at the shape my fingers made. Julio ended up teaching me how to play his scales by drawing them in my notebook. The next day, we visited Imperio de Amor Children’s Home. We quickly found that several of the little ninos enjoyed the guitar and harmonicas. They enjoyed standing in front of me and strumming the strings with a pick, while I formed the chord shapes. They also (to my chagrin) opened my case, found my harmonicas, and took turns filling them with their slobber. It’s okay, though, I might just donate those now. I learned from these experiences very much. I now realize that the little guitar that I know can come in handy. I may not know Spanish, but I guess God has granted me other ways to communicate with the children: by letting them hold and play the guitar with me, by playing the harmonica (not after the children, though), and by letting them use my camera and take photos. I guess talents and interests are a universal language that anyone can speak. Some of the other people on the trip communicated with the children through soccer in the same way others might through music. It just depends on what God plans for you to do. If He needs you to play soccer, you’ll be an athlete; if He needs you to speak Spanish, you’ll be a linguist; and, if He needs you to play an instrument, you’ll have an ear for music. All you have to do is go and do what He wants. Along with this, I have gained perspective on the greatness of God. Until now, my reality has not extended far beyond Maryville, Tennessee. After flying to Mexico; seeing the magnitude and poverty of the city of Monterrey; and, the beautiful, sheer mountains (different than back home); I have gained new perspective on the size and greatness of God.

J.P. Robinette
Faith Promise Church Blount Campus