Are You Ready for a Miracle?

Are you ready for a miracle?

I remember last year trying to explain to the Worship Ministry what Miracle Month and the Miracle Offering was, what it looked like and what to expect.  The problem was that I didn’t know for myself.  I knew that God had spoke to Chris’ heart and led him to do a month of miracles as well as include a miracle offering to financially support FPC’s initiatives.   Some people thought we would we be dancing around the offering boxes, offering our first born, and every other crazy thing they had seen on TV or read about.  I had no idea what it would look like.  As the weekend drew near we anxiously awaited to see what God was going to do.  The stock market had hit an all time low, people were not sure what to think or expect….God gloriously came through exceeding our prayer goal of 1 million dollars to the extent that we also were able to adopt an orphanage in Haiti.  Many people throughout the month prayed and believed God for physical healing, jobs, and restoration of relationships. As a result there were physical healings of Lupus, seizures and cancer.  Many people received jobs, marriages were restored and prodigals came home.  Was this all because they gave money?  No, it was because they had faith.

So now there is this year.  We do know what last year looks like; however, we do not want yesterday’s manna.  There are still questions and fears.  Miracle Month at Faith Promise Church is a time where we concentrate on the word “miracle” – something that can only be explained by God.  If we could explain financially, physically, or spiritually our goals and expectations, they would not be considered miraculous.  It will be a miracle for people to be healed of cancer and other diseases. It will be a miracle for the people I’ve been praying for to get through some of the financial situations they are facing. It will be a miracle for family and friends to be saved, and in our current economy, it will be a miracle to have an offering of 2 million dollars – but that’s just it – a miracle!!!!  Something that can’t be explained by what we can do.  Instead of being worried if it can happen based on what you personally can do, begin praying of what He can do.  There is no way to accomplish it with the resources inside of the people at Faith Promise Church – there is a way with the resources of Jehovah Jireh – the Lord our Provider.

I want to be a part of something that can only be explained by God so that He gets all the credit, glory and honor and not me, my family, or Faith Promise Church.    Rather than be worried if I can come up with a certain dollar amount, or if the people I’m praying for will receive their miracle – I am praying that God help my faith to trust and believe Him.  There is no pressure or guilt on me, just expectation and wonderment.  What are you believing God for?  Step out there.