Yesterday I left the office around *5. It had been raining all day and storm clouds were rolling over the mountains towards our main campus. Thunder boomed as I walked to my car and it made me think of all of the analogies that we have come up with for God and his many attributes. At this point, some could say it’s even getting out of hand; however, the minute that you start putting rules on art and creativity, it no longer is artistic or creative but I digress.
     God is like fire, but he’s also sometimes like water. He’s like the wind, he’s like the sun, God is a lot of things, and I love that. God is infinite. We could spend a lifetime describing God but the truth is that there are no adjectives, no metaphors, no lyric or poem that is the perfect description of God. God is indescribable. (CC: Chris Tomlin) What is so unique about this to me is that it helps me remember how boundless God is. When people say that there is nothing too hard for God, that’s not just a cliche, that’s the truth! I don’t know about you, but I constantly need this reminder.
     From life’s smallest frustrations to it’s most challenging circumstances, God never changes. He never fails. His promises will never be broken. So yes, God is fire, or he is water, or he is the wind, or he is the sun. He is and will always be everything that you need and more than enough; not because we deserve it, but because he loves us. Despite our sin, he made himself available to us. So we can walk in that victory! The same power that conquered the grave lives in us! How thankful I am that God is who He says is. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
     I hope that this encourages you today!
*Disclaimer: This happened a few months ago. It just took me a while to write it. Happy reading!