An Update From Our Teens in Mexico – Day 3

Sometimes you meet a teenager and you think, “Wow! What a great heart for God!” God put together a team of teens for this Monterrey Mission all of which have amazing desire to find where God is at work and join Him. Today’s post is from one of those teens. Enjoy some insight today from Keegan McClain…

David is a caretaker in a TeenHope home at Back2Back. TeenHope is a program that helps to provide an education beyond middle school and a home-environment for orphans in Mexico.

David has two teen boys living with he, his wife, and their (soon to be born) son Obed. I met David when my group helped clean the home they shared with another TeenHope family. There was nothing extraordinary about David and his wife, but what they are doing in these boys’ lives is more powerful than you can imagine. Without divulging the boys’ names, these two had both been through separate but equally traumatic experiences that left them scarred and underdeveloped in their early years. Having been abused and neglected, these boys don’t make connections with adult figures and peers. But to watch David’s eyes light up when the conversation turned to the boys it was obvious that he cared for these young men in a way a father would!

He and his wife share a connection, a special bond, with the two kids that gives the boys a sense of security and a place they could call home. They have a family that wasn’t born of a biological connection. With no other place to call home, no one else to show them right from wrong; you realize David is a true man of God. In ways others could not accomplish, he chose to do what only a certain man of God could do in a situation others would find awkward and frustrating.

The journey is not easy. There seem to be more rough patches than smooth. Yet David and his wife move forward into the unknown, following God to give these boys a chance to change the cycle of poverty they were born into.