Always With Us

(This post was written by Amber Davis, Children’s Ministry Volunteer Coordinator)

Deuteronomy 31:6  “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid because the Lord is with you.”

We can always count on God.

These are lessons the Family Ministry Team at Faith Promise is teaching your children. As the new Volunteer Coordinator, I am thrilled to play a role in the spiritual development of your kids. I know that having a strong foundation in biblical truths will shape them into men and women who chase hard after Jesus.

In my own experience, Christianity didn’t end with going to church. It was (and is) my identity. My parents inspired my close relationship with Christ because I saw them talking to Him, and I saw them searching His Word.

If kids are taught to love the Lord with their whole heart and trust Him from a young age, they will not depart from Him. We want you to live this message at home- and we want to surround children with this message at church.  It’s going to be my job to be on the lookout for adults and youth who will reinforce these lessons.

As an adult, I’m so thankful my parents implanted the values they did. Through my teenage years, college, and young adulthood I held strong to my faith- even when it wasn’t the easy or popular thing to do, I’m proud of who I am. That’s what I want for my kids (when Shawn and I start a family!), and I know that God is jealous for their hearts too.

If you want to get involved in what we’re teaching at church, we’d love to have you join us. Send me an email [email protected], and I will get you plugged in!