All Access Serving Tours

Guest post from Amber Davis, Children’s Ministry Volunteer Coordinator at Faith Promise Church

I hear it from volunteers all the time—“Why… in a church this size… do we not have more help?” It’s a question I’m never able to answer well. And as the Volunteer Coordinator of the Children’s Ministry, it’s a question I need to tackle.

This past weekend, as I sat listening to the message from Ephesians 2:10, God whispered to my heart, “I gave you gifts to use for My Kingdom. I gave you gifts so I would be glorified.” Uh-oh. Busted. Once again, I was reminded that this life isn’t about me. And, it’s my hunch that many of my brothers and sisters in Christ fall into that trap, too.

So often, when I invite people to join our ministry I hear something like, “Well, I’m really busy. I don’t want to over-commit myself.” Man, that takes me back to my own reasoning for not getting involved in ministry sooner. For six years, I worked odd hours—including weekends. Any down time I had, I wanted to spend it free of obligations. What I didn’t understand is that God is faithful to multiply your time if you are obedient to Him. It’s kind of like the way it works with money. It’s God’s anyway, and He allows us to keep 90%… Can’t born-again-believers spend 10% of our time committed to the Lord’s work?

Another reason Christ-followers cite for not actively serving is they aren’t sure where they fit. Usually, they tell me they are praying about it. According to the book of Acts, Jesus didn’t really allow a whole lot of time to think. He just asked the disciples to follow. If they didn’t move immediately, they missed the opportunity to spend three years getting to intimately know the Son of God. Your movement (your obedience) creates the opportunity to find where you fit. This is one of the strongest examples I can think of where inaction IS action. Serving fulfills His plan and your purpose—and if you don’t serve the Body of Christ, you are missing fulfillment and satisfaction that can’t be explained. You have to ask yourself, are you okay with that?

At Faith Promise, we want more for you than from you. We want you contributing to the Kingdom of God—no matter where you are on your walk with Him. So, we’ve created an opportunity for you to find your fit. The weekend of September 8-9 we will be offering All Access behind the scenes tours of how ministry happens at fp across all campuses. You’ll be able to check out different areas and connect with different ministry leaders as the weekend services are happening. Register here to reserve your spot! And if you want to learn more about the spiritual gifts the Lord has uniquely crafted in you—take an assessment by clicking here. Make the decision to move and experience the rich blessings that follow!

Note: If you attend our UT or Internet Campus, you can find opportunities to serve here.