A Time of Reflection – By: Tami Mayberry

After returning to the US last evening, following time spent in Monterrey Mexico this past week, I am already feeling the pressure of all of the things on my rigid “to do” list.  I even jotted on my list that I need to blog about my trip.  After starting to feel some tension building, I decided to go outside without my list and do what is truly important.  That is spend time with God.  There, I opened my daily devotional book.  After the first couple lines, I read “Cease striving and know that I am God”.  A few lines further it says, “Let go, relax, be still and know that I am God”.  It is truly amazing how He tells us just what we need to hear at just the right time.

This past week, His presence felt so strong to me.  I felt it as an individual and as a team with the rest of the group.  He led us to serve and touch the hearts of children and caregivers at the children’s homes.  Not only that, He showed us how to love on each other as a church family.  In turn, this overflowing presence of God reflected through us and it seemed evident to the B2B staff.  They were all very grateful.  More importantly, the children and caregivers seemed to feel God’s love and presence through us.  Whether we were praying for them or with them; working on projects around campus; playing games and doing crafts with the children; or having meals together, we were surrounded by the Holy Spirit and our hearts full with love.

Today, after returning home to the states, I pray that each of us continue to radiate God’s presence.  I pray that we put Him first and put our “to do” lists a distance behind Him, our families, loved ones and those in need.  I pray that we find ways to serve and love on others around us just as we did on our mission trip.  I pray this, not only for our team, but, for everyone.  I pray this in the name of our wonderful and loving Father, Amen.

By Tami Mayberry