A Story from Nicaragua

Here is a quick story from our Mission Team that got back earlier this month from working with our partners in Leon, Nicaragua.

God did some amazing things with five people who went to Nicaragua in Jan. 2012. This photo is of Jose, our interpreter, who at the age of 28 has never had a bicycle his entire life. He said he knew God was going to do some amazing things the week we were there, but he never thought it would happen to him. Jose walked six miles everyday to Tamera’s house (the missionary we partner with) to work with us he has a wife and small child. After 2 days of being with the team we felt led to help this young man and his family. So we went together as a team and bought him a new bicycle.  This changed his life and his family’s because he didn’t have to walk anywhere anymore and he could double or triple his income just by having transportation!

He said when he went home that evening to show his wife she couldn’t believe it…the neighbors that live next to him had to come over to see it. It was all he could do to keep from crying when the team gave the bike to him.

This is Axel and his mom.  We met this 24 year-old on our last trip in Aug. 2011. A lot of prayers have been lifted up for this young man over the last year from his mom to everyone that meet him last year. Axel worked beside us all week and everyday we asked him to come to church on Sunday and spend the day with the team before we left on Monday. Axel is the go-to person in the community.  At only 24, all the younger kids and teenagers go to him for anything he knows everyone in the community. As we pulled in the church on Sunday to have the dedication service, there he stood waiting for us. After the message was over they asked all the Americans to come to the alter to pray for anyone that needed prayer. As soon as the invitation started Axel came forward to receive Christ!! This was an amazing experience and a lot of prayers were answered. Thanks for all the guys who went on this trip and got to see God move in some amazing ways.  If you ever are interested in going on a mission trip – DO IT!  It will change your life!