A Story from Haiti Day 5

Monday, July 23, 2012

Today has been a very trying and emotional day. It was the last day with the children at Carrefour. We had several activities planned such as jacks, skip it, and football. We also handed out back packs filled with school supplies to the kids. Each time the children’s faces lit up we experienced joy in our hearts. Telling the kids good-bye was something I was not prepared to do today. My heart broke as the children pulled on us. Even some of them were crying. We may have only been there for a short time but the impact we have made on the kids, I pray lasts a lifetime.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Bon Berger for the last time before we had to Wahoo Bay to reflect on our week. Please help us pray that we do this smoothly and are not completely broken. This orphanage is the younger children of the two and I have seen more of a personal connection with our group. It will be hard to leave tomorrow as I’m sure there will be tears shed.

Please pray that what we have done and taught these children will stay with them and that their relationship continues to grow in Christ. Pray that our team does not forget what all these children have taught us and that we apply what we have learned overall in our everyday lives. Most of all, please pray that we have the compassion, love, grace and mercy towards others.