A Story And A Song

Last week fpStudents hosted a phenomenal concert by a rapidly rising music star.  His name is Cameron Mitchell, and while he is a great singer, musician and songwriter, what’s most intriguing about him is the story that follows him.  


If his name doesn’t ring any bells initially, you may be unaware of this great story.  Here’s the brief version: Cameron grew up as a Pastor’s kid, learning the importance of an intimate relationship with Jesus as well as a strong appreciation for music.  Last year, as an aspiring singer-songwriter in his early 20’s, he was accepted onto the Oxygen channel’s “The Glee Project,” a reality show who’s grand prize is a 7-episode role on the hit TV show “Glee”.  


As the contestants vanished each week, Cameron found himself continually being pushed to compromise his morals and faith values by the judges.  Ultimately, he was given the chance of a lifetime to join the Glee cast, but he turned it down, choosing instead to continue his career without the kick-start the show would provide.  


While Cameron performed his own original songs for fpStudents last week, we had a chance to hear his story, and he shared the amazing impact his decision has made in his life.  Cameron has experienced an incredible outpouring of love and support from fans all over the world, including nearly a quarter of a million Twitter followers to date.  His EP has risen in sales on iTunes, the most popular song being the first song he had ever written, entitled “Love Can Wait.”


As Cameron’s impact and influence continues to rise, I am left with the question: would I have responded the same way? If the world held my dreams on a platter in front of my face, would I have the guts to choose God’s plan instead?


Would you?



If you’d like to read more about Cameron’s time in Knoxville, check out the following articles from the Hardin Valley Academy paper and the UT Daily Beacon.  Also check www.fpStudents.com for video links to Cameron’s interview.


HVA paper: http://my.hsj.org/DesktopModules/ASNE/ASNE.Newspapers/Mobile.aspx?newspaperid=3964&editionid=0&categoryid=0&articleid=493698&userid=0


UT Daily Beacon: http://utdailybeacon.com/news/2012/jan/31/la-performer-helps-launch-church/