A Storied Christmas Week 3 – Discussion Questions


Our response to the unexpected in our lives can draw us closer to God or push us further away from God.


Can you share a time when life threw you a curve ball? How did you respond?


Although today in hindsight we can hear the news of Christ’s birth with great joy, when Gabriel told Mary the news of the Messiah to be born it was very unexpected. Mary’s trust in God’s plan “Let it be done to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38 most likely threw her life into complete chaos, but it brought the world its Savior. How do we respond when we are faced with the unexpected?


Read Luke 1:28-38

1. What is Mary’s response to the Gabriel?

2. How do you process unexpected news?

Read Luke 1:39-45

3. Mary trusted in her relative Elizabeth to help her through her situation. Who do you trust in times of trouble? Do you have trusted advisors?

Read Luke 2:3-6

4. Another unexpected event happens. Due to the census, Mary and Joseph are forced to travel to Bethlehem. Sometimes when going through one crisis or tough situation in our lives it seems like another comes right at the same time. Has this ever happened to you?

5. Mary had Joseph to help her on her journey. Who is helping you on your journey?

Read Luke 2:8-17

6. The shepherds also got a taste of the unexpected. While watching their flocks at night, suddenly they were surrounded by angels giving them news of the Messiah’s birth. What was their response?

7. How can we share the good news of the Christ this Christmas?


1. Walk through Mary’s initial response of shock (she was perplexed), to her acceptance of God’s plan for her.

2. Some people want to tell others and talk about it, some want peace to mull things over. Turn the discussion to how the group can best support each other in times of crisis. Do people want company? Do they want to be alone at first and just need prayer support?

6. The shepherds immediately went to see Christ and then shared the good news.