A message from Honduras

Every single night we all walk away from the church service thinking that nothing can top what we just experienced, but tonight the Holy Spirit roared into the church we were at in Comayagua. No amount of words can explain the power that I felt surging through the church last night. Pastor DuPont had each person stand around the edges of the church in pairs of two. We prayed and then everyone marched around the church 7 times praying and truly having time to think about God. On the 7th time, everyone cheered and praised God for all He has done. There is no way to explain through this blog how the rain came and went during the powerful moments of the service. As the story of Jericho was being told the rain would pour down like you have never heard before. Then as the people would pray harder and harder, the rain would fall even harder. Once the service was over the rain just stopped. It was an indescribable experience! It was so awesome to see people jumping up and down for Our Lord. Before coming on this trip, I seemed to be so worried about the language differences, but I have come to find out that God’s glory and power overcomes any language barriers that we might encounter. As Pastor Terry called the congregation to the front for prayer you could just feel the Holy Spirit’s presence fill the place. We prayed over the people for a long time, it is so awesome to know that all the way here in Comayagua that we serve the same God. Three people gave thier lives to Christ that night! One memory that we will never forget is the one little girl that clung to Shaylee. She wouldn’t let go, she just prayed and prayed. We called her our little prayer warrior. Shaylee said that she was praying but she just felt God tell her to be still and let the little girl do the praying. Even though she had no idea what was being said , she could just feel the Holy Spirit at work.


Leaving this service tonight, my heart was shattered and my eyes were opened as I watched two faithful churchgoers, a mom and her 2 year old daughter, walk out of the church. As the little girl took a step out of the church, her foot completely sunk down into mud from how hard it had been raining. Then it hit me that I was about to get into a dry, warm van and be able to drive back to a house with running water, electricity, and a hot meal. However, for this mother and her little daughter, this was probably not the case. On the ride home I kept picturing this family walking back through the muddy dirt roads of Comayagua and entering a home where they would definitely not be able to enjoy these luxuries. For the 15 minute drive back home, I cried the entire way. God has truly opened my eyes here in Honduras. I have not only been able to experience people’s souls being saved and the Holy Spirit moving in me like I never have before, but I have also come to realize how blessed I truly am and what all I take for granted. I will never forget this mother and daughter. Just continue to pray for our team here in Honduras. Pray that a revival will spread like a wild fire and that we can continue to use our gifts and spread the word of God to the people of Comayagua!


– Lauren Murphy & Kelsey Shreve