A Lesson From An Intentional Dad

Last week I was reminded that with high intentionality we can expose our children to positive, potentially life changing people/experiences.

Gina McClain, who leads our Kids Ministry, had recently spoken at the K! Leadership Summit where she met another ministry leader, Rick (not his real name as I did not ask his permission to share this story). Rick mentioned that he and his daughter, Lisa (not her real name) would be passing through Knoxville and would like his daughter to meet Gina.

Rick and Lisa had picked up a new car for Lisa to take to college and were on their way home. After several communications with Gina to arrange a connection, Rick and Lisa arrived at Faith Promise.

Gina thought I might enjoy meeting Rick because of our shared interest in leadership and families. I loved Rick. We are similar in so many ways. We toured the new kids building and got to know each other along the way. After about 45 minutes Rick and Lisa were preparing to leave when Rick asked Gina to pray over Lisa.

That prayer was the real reason for Rick’s visit. Seeing the new building, reconnecting with Gina, meeting me – not the primary reason they came. This Dad wanted Gina, a devoted Christ follower and female leader to speak into his daughter’s life as she prepared to leave home for college.

As I watched them walk to the car after Gina had prayed over Lisa I asked myself “am I consistently that intentional to provide meaningful experiences for my family?”

See the visit didn’t cost any money – which is so often our excuse for why we don’t do something. Rather, it cost time – they had been driving all day and required intentionality.

Parents, with a bit more intentionality what experiences could we provide to further see God work in our kid’s lives?