A Group Serving Story from Our Blount Campus


This past weekend our young adult small group had the privilege of helping the parents of one the members  with some home repairs. The home was a major fixer upper and had holes in the roof, which lead to holes in the floor when purchased. It was purchased inexpensively with the intent to fix it up so that the parents could move in.

When we arrived our first order of business was to help get the over grown yard in order. However the real issue was that the previous owners had never taken their trash away. They simply threw it in the yard. This went on for several years. Once they filled the backyard with trash, they began throwing trash in their front yard.

It was so overwhelming for those in our group that we couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard it was for the parents. We decided to get donations to rent a dumpster and a Bobcat to remove this serious health hazard. Within a half day we filled the dumpster and a 16 foot trailer with garbage with just what was in the back yard.

The parents were very grateful and as a result one parent has started attending Faith Promise for the first time.

Submitted By: Russ, Faith Promise Blount County Campus