A Father’s Love: The Father’s Love

The Father’s Love

1. Pastor Chris stated God reveals himself in scripture most often as a father. He painted a picture of a father waiting on the porch for his son to return, which is similar to God waiting for us to return to Him. When have you been in either position in a relationship – waiting or returning – with someone close to you?

2. We see the prodigal son before he “came to his senses” where he was lower than his father’s servants. How have you experienced this same realization? What were your circumstances when you returned to God?

3. We, in the church, often act as “the older brother”. In what areas can we not be accepting of those returning to God? How have you experienced an “older brother” mentality when you returned to God?

4. How do we keep ourselves in the right position relationally with those returning to God the Father? What are some practical steps we can take to remain accepting of prodigals?

Scripture verses:
Luke 15
Ephesians 2:10