A Day Without Makeup

(This post was written by Michael Wallace, High School Pastor)

Today there are over 1,200 girls that have chosen not to wear makeup…all because of one girl.

A few weeks ago fpStudents hosted a girls-only event called “Girl Talk.”  The purpose was to help high school girls recognize that God created them, sees them as beautiful, and loves them more than anyone else ever could.  The girls had a blast, and for days afterwards continued to write in their journals and talk to each other about what they had learned.  One girl, however, took it a step further.

Bailey, a freshman at Hardin Valley Academy, decided that she wanted to do something to help even more girls see themselves the way God sees them.  So, as many students do, she turned to Facebook.  Her intent was to simply give her friends a chance to stand together and show the world that they are God’s creation, and therefore He sees them as beautiful even with no makeup on.  What began as a simple “Facebook Event” targeting a few dozen friends turned into a movement among well over a thousand people.

I wanted to tell you this story for 2 reasons.

  1.  These high school girls are being impacted by a simple truth:  God loves us.  He’s not a giant bully looking for ways to rain on our parade.  He created us and wants the best for us.  Knowing this has affected the way these girls are choosing to live their lives.  How about you?
  2. This “Day Without Makeup” started because one freshman girl decided to do something.  There was no guarantee of success.  She could have failed miserably and been embarrassed on the internet and at school.  But Bailey chose to step out in faith and courage that what she was doing was RIGHT and NEEDED TO BE DONE.  Do you have that same faith?  That courage?

I’m so proud of Bailey and the impact she is having on her peers.  Although, to be fair, there are quite a few adults participating today as well…