Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs to PreK)

God gave us Jesus to be our friend because He loves us.

This week we take a look in Matthew 8:23-27 as Jesus demonstrates His authority over the sea.  What a great moment revealing the power and control God has over our circumstances.  We want your preschooler to know that God loves them so much that He gave us Jesus to bring calm in the midst of our storms.

Let’s Make it Personal.  This can be a challenging text to translate to our lives because many of us are walking through ‘storms’.  Maybe it’s a financial storm, a relational storm, a physical storm… whatever the case may be… we find ourselves in the midst of chaos that threatens to consume us.  It would be simple to look at this text and assume that Jesus should take away our ‘storm’ just as He took away the storm in Matthew 8.  And sometimes… I believe He does.  He certainly has the authority to do so.

But God’s goal in our life is not to remove our storms, but to be glorified in the midst of them.  As your child grows up it is critical that they learn that God’s desire is to draw His glory out of their life.  Sometimes storms are a great way to do that.

Create a Rhythm this week by learning the bible verse together.  Motions are a great way to help kids memorize.

 “Nothing (shake your head side to side and wave your arms in front of you like you’re saying “no way”) 

can separate (lock your fingers together in front of you and act like you can’t pull them apart) 

us from God’s love’ (point up with one finger and then hug yourself), 

Romans 8:39 (open your hands like a book).”

Elementary (K-3rd grade)

Respect is showing other they are important by what you say and do.

Our Bible story is a universal principle about one of the smallest parts of our bodies that tends to get us in big trouble – the tongue!  (James 3:9-12)  Respect has a lot to do with what we say – and how we say it – to others. For more motivation on why it matters, our Bottom Line reminds us that when you respect others with your words, you show respect to God.  

Respect or disrespect is obvious in our tone and in the words we choose.  But would we be more careful if we realized that respecting people shows how much we really respect God?  And in some cases, what we don’t say is also as key indicator on whether we really respect someone or not.  Our monthly Memory Verse says it this way:  “Show proper respect to everyone.”  1 Peter 2:17a NIV

This week, Fight for the Heart, by gently addressing the moments your child is disrespectful toward you or another authority in their lives.  Remind them that respecting others shows how much we respect God.

Club 45 (4th & 5th grade)

When you show respect to those in authority, you are showing respect to God.

This week we dive into Romans for some great advice on how we should respond to those who are in charge.  
Romans 13:1 says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”
We take some time to challenge our Club 45ers that their teachers, coaches, and principals are authorities  God has placed in their lives.  God is the ultimate authority for our lives, and we all agree that we should obey
and respect Him. The Bible commands us to take that a step further and obey the leaders in our lives
such as our parents, pastors, and teachers.

Let’s Make It Personal.  How well do you show respect for the authorities God has placed in your life?  When you come home from work do you complain about your boss in a way that reflects poorly on them?  These conversations shared in the presence of your tween shows them how to respect and/or disrespect the authority God has placed in their lives.  Let me challenge you to demonstrate what respect looks like in your life so your child can learn what it should look like in their life.