A visit to Knockpatrick – Jamaica Day 2

Today in Jamaica we worked hard in Knockpatrick! We had fellowship with some of the 71 students at the KP School for the Deaf. Then the team planted over 50 coffee trees with a team from Indiana. We actually finished planting the entire field. The first and last rows of coffee trees were planted by two different FPC teams! In two years the trees will start harvesting and we will make sure we get some of that coffee at our Missions Spots!

Tomorrow we head to Deaf Can Coffee in Kingsport. This is an amazing ministry where we see coffee that was planted, grown, harvested, roasted, and served 100% by the Jamaican Deaf Community. The best part is that we will hang out with another team from Atlanta. Ministry is best when shared with other churches around the country and the globe.

Thank you all for your prayers for the team on this trip. We ask that you continue to pray for our mission in the Deaf Community. The Deaf population around the world are the most unreached people group (which means they have the lowest chance of ever hearing the Gospel). We have been so blessed to partner with The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf and The Jamaican Deaf Village to carry out God’s will here in Jamaica.