500 Reasons Week 1 – Discussion Guide

Getting Started

Main Idea:
We are all easily blinded by the world, our culture, our fears, and many other things. As Christians, we are called to boldly step out and share God’s light to all those living blindly in darkness.

Discussion Starter:
Think back on when you first heard about the love of God. How did
people share their story with you?

Take a moment to ponder: What is your current sense of urgency in sharing the gospel? Jesus went out into the world and found sinners. He relentlessly sought out the worst of the worst and did not condemn. Instead, He shared God’s love and transformed the way people believed. He trained His disciples to do the same–to put God’s mission about everything without fear of ridicule. What could we all do to increase our level of urgency?

Encounter God

Primary Scriptures: John 9, Acts 13:47, Matthew 5: 14-16, 1 John 1:7-9, Matthew 6:33

Discussion Questions:
1. In story about the blind man (John 9), what was the assumption that the community and even the disciples made?

2. What similar fears might we have about ministering to some people today?

3. What other fears or assumption do we have about sinners and types of sins that may prevent us from being God’s light?

4. According to the verses Acts 13:47, Matthew 5:14-16, and 1 John1:7-9, how does God instruct us to act?

5. Pastor also brings up that life gets in the way of sharing God’s light. What does God say in Matthew 6:33? What are some ways we can prioritize God while living a busy life?

6. What is your level of urgency now? In light of our discussion, what can we do differently at home, with our family, and at work to fulfill God’s mission and to stop living blindly?

Discovery Bible Method:
For deeper study, as an alternative to the questions above, read John 9 (if you want to focus on a shorter passage, emphasize verses 1-16) and use the Discovery Bible Method to explore the passage.

Embrace Others

If you haven’t already, fill out your spiritual growth plan and really focus on how many people you are going to share the Gospel with this year. Come up with a number of people who you will invite to church on Easter Sunday.

Break into dyads or triads and discuss ways that you have shared or seen others share the Gospel.

What are some ways that you prioritize God now or ways that you can focus on God this coming week?

Who in your small group can you call midway through the week and see how things are going?

Engage the World Around Us

Engaging at Faith Promise: Are there areas or ministries at Faith Promise that you have been curious about getting involved with? Take a step this week.  Contact the person in charge of those ministries and try a trial run of serving in that area.

Engaging in Community: What are definite ways to influence our sphere and share God? How can you show God more at work and in your community?

Engaging the World: Consider supporting Faith Promise missionaries financially or through prayer.

Expand God’s Kingdom

What is your biggest take-away from the discussion this week? With whom can you share what you have learned?

Leader’s Notes

ALL groups at Faith Promise should participate in ALL 4 characteristics of a disciple of Christ (encountering God, embracing others, engaging the world, and expanding God’s Kingdom). However, each individual group may be primarily focused on one of these “Es” for a season, or for the life of that particular group. Below is an explanation of each type of group.

– Encounter Groups: the primary focus of Encounter Groups is the deeper study and application of God’s Word.

– Embrace Groups: the primary focus of Embrace Groups is making friends and being friends on a deeper level.

– Engage Groups: the primary focus of Engage Groups is serving the people of our area through our local partners and through God-directed opportunities.

– Expand Groups: the primary focus of Expand Groups is the development and multiplication of disciple-makers to lead more groups at Faith Promise.