5 Parenting Tips


By Holly Wallace

Before I had children I would often say “When I have kids Iwill never….” Then, I had my son and all previous judgments went out the window. Since then I have learned that there is a lot I need to learn.


Last week Michael posted 5 helpful things that he had learned about parenting. Our knowledge is by no means extensive and we still have a lot of room to grow but we have gained a few“tricks of the trade”


1. Show respect within the family. Children are like adults in that they need to be listened to, loved and admired. By treating kids with respect, we show them value and in turn teach them how to demonstrate significance to others.


2. Facility an attitude of gratitude in the home. The word “gratitude” appears hundreds of times in the Bible and is at the heart of our relationship with God. With that much biblical emphasis it is important to teach kids to be thankful and show appreciation. From thanking nursery workers for their service to being gracious about a compliment, it is important to impartan attitude of gratitude.


3. Uphold consistent discipline and follow through. As parents, if we do not follow through with the rules and consequences we set for our kids it is unlikely that they will adhere to them either. If we do not stay conistent we teach them to ignore our words and that we cannot be trusted.


4. Involve your kids in serving others. Not only do we want our kids to see us serving others, we want them to be able to serve as well. By cleaning up toys before leaving the weekend classroom or helping distribute dessert with an invite card tochurch to the neighbors, it is important to teach our children to serve others. Even simple acts of kindness such as these will help to nurture a servant’s heart and demonstrate how they can serve God as they grow.


5. Maintain intimacy with your spouse. A vibrant marriage is a crucial aspect in helping children thrive. Giving them a healthy model of marriage will shape all of their future relationships. For that reason it is important to take a stand and put time into your marriage, for your family’s sake!


With no manual for success it is important that we help each other along the way and share the “tricks of the trade” that have worked in our home. What tips could you share with other parents to help them along the journey?