40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

40 Days for Web

During these 40 days of prayer and fasting we really want you to seek the face of God regarding your personal walk with Him.  Our desire is for you to emerge out of these 40 days with clear direction, confidence in your calling & your purpose being refreshed, renewed & revived to run the race with endurance.

We are going to SOAP the Word during these 40 Days.  Sound weird? 

Sscripture focus

Oobedience factor


Ppraying through

*this is just a tool to help you as you study the Word

Our scripture focus as we start off this week is Isaiah 58:1-8

  •       Why are they fasting? [“is it?” phrases *NASV]
  •       What kind of fast does God desire? [“is it not?” phrases *NASV]
  •       What does it require?
  •       What is the outcome?

 Action Points for this Week:

  •        Determine which biblical fast you’re going to do (Check out the blog tomorrow for a list!)
  •        Determine an act of compassion you can do at some point during the 40 days[when, where & how] (The Missions office can help you with ideas)

 Meditation / Proclamation / Memorization:  Isaiah 61:1

 Suggested Tools:

  •        Journal your journey (Jentzen Franklin has an awesome 21 day fasting journal that I strongly recommend)
  •        Facebook (Faith Promise Worship) and twitter (@fpWorship) 
  •        Blogs:  http://blog.faithpromise.org
  •        Online Prayer Forum:  [email protected]
  •     Join Weekly Text Group (Text “WORSHIP” to 75309)