Mexico – Day 2

Today’s post is shared by one of our dad’s on the team. His name is Andy Kercher. Andy has an amazing servant’s heart. For the past several months he has patiently worked to help his son, Randy_b2b_mtyRandy, accomplish the one thing God asked him to do on this mission trip. Listen to this incredible story…

Today, it rained.  Water flowed in ridiculous rivers over the streets, as we rode in a bus to go on a field trip with children from an orphanage.  Closed or congested roads stretched a 30-minute bus ride to a museum to 2 hours.

We weren’t prepared for a 2 hour bus ride with a group of kids who didn’t speak our language.

But God had a plan for that extended time.  My son, Randy, met an orphan named Cristian.  Cristian is about 7 years old.  My son read children books to him in Spanish.  The child was glued to the books as Randy read them.  He wanted book after book after book until we were all out of books.  My son showed God’s love to that child.  I was so proud.

My son is high functioning autistic.  He has been practicing those five Spanish books for weeks.  He was so afraid for the past couple days that he couldn’t do it.  God blessed his preparation.  God gave him opportunity.  Randy is so proud to succeed in serving God.  Randy knew in his heart that God wanted him to read to the kids, and now he’s happy that God helped him do it.

As Christian parents, we all want to see our kids serve God by helping others.  I’m so glad to be here and get to see just that.  That’s just my story.  The other Faith Promise parents here have their own joys of seeing God work through their kids.

Happily in Christ,

Andy Kercher