Back2Back Day 6


As I grabbed the last bag to leave home headed to Mexico, I had a thought. I should get some finger nail polish in case the little girls want their nails painted. Who knew that the Holy Spirit had different plans for that nail polish. Each day we took an hour-long bus ride to Imperio De Amor (IDA), the children’s home we worked in all week. Our group loves on the children and works hard to complete projects on site. This is our main focus. Most of the time the caregivers sit in the background and are “neglected”. They are the ones pouring out daily. When and how are they filled up????? These women spend their days and nights pouring into children who are not their own. In addition to their own families, these women care for up to 10 orphans at a time. This around the clock care is thankless, exhausting, and they receive nothing in return. Most of these children come from broken, abandoned, and/or abusive backgrounds, which often causes emotional struggles manifesting in bad behavior.

Through a conversation with the captain of IDA, the liaison between Back2Back and IDA, the Holy Spirit began to work. The women in our group had the opportunity and honor to spend time with the caregivers of IDA. How could we minister to them? We began to talk about the True Servant. “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace with God and bring glad tidings of good things, who announces salvation, “Your God Reigns!”. (Isaiah 52:7)
How can we wash their feet? Will they let us? Is it culturally acceptable? Enter the nail polish. We will wash their feet, massage their feet, and paint their toenails.
It will be the first girls’ day out in Mexico!

At first, the ladies in the home were reluctant. We sat in a circle and listened to Cindy Barnes give a precious message of grace. We asked for permission to take them to a “spa” and love on them. In the beginning there was some awkwardness. Irving came with us to interpret, which was a huge blessing. Once the music started, the Holy Spirit entered the room and we had an amazing encounter. We laughed, we shared stories, we talked about our children and we talked about our husbands. We became friends!!! When the pedicure was complete, we were able to pray specifically for each of the ladies and the needs they had shared. As we were leaving IDA, Irving stopped me and said he was moved by the encounter and felt the presence of God moving in us and through us. It was more of a blessing to me than I could have imagined. Words cannot express the impact that it had on me. It is a memory that I will treasure and hold dear to my heart always.

Today I made 6 new friends.
Meet Coral- a caregiver to the younger girls 4-8. She lives at IDA with her husband, Miquel and her two sons.
Meet Mora- a weekend caregiver and the eldest of the group of caregivers. Her smile fills the room. She is a mother, a wife, and an encourager in Christ.
Meet Ana- a caregiver to the older girls 12-16. She is 20 years old and has been a caregiver since she was 18. She longs for children of her own and is unable to conceive.
Meet Laura- a caregiver to the boys, age 9-11. She lives at IDA with her daughter and only sees her husband and son on the weekends.
Meet Magnis- a caregiver to the younger boys, age 4-8. She lives at IDA with her husband. They have been married for seven years and are praying for children of their own. She is also caring for her sick mother.
Meet Loraina- a caregiver to the older boys, age 12-16. She is separated from her husband while he is at the University.

Please join me in prayer for my new friends. These are Godly women who are bringing the gospel of peace to orphans in Mexico. They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus.

– Jami Holden