10 Things to Know Before You Fast


10 Things You Should Know Before You Fast

 1.       Headaches, bad breath and run-down feelings are signs that the fast is working     

a. During a time of fasting the body purifies itself and feeds off of impurities and pollutants in your body.  After approximately 3 days the headaches will begin to cease. After approximately 5 days the hunger becomes minimal.

2.       Fasting will NOT impair the health of a healthy person 

a. With wisdom and caution throughout history, fasting has been a prescribed method for healing and medical purposes.
b.  Please take into consideration certain medical conditions and consult your physician if you have questions

3.       Fasting increases a person’s faith 

4.       Drink plenty of fluids!!!

a. Suggest drinking a gallon of water a day to help in the cleansing process
b.  Use purified water

5.       Fasting is constant intercession before God

6.       Fasting strengthens your inner will & discipline

7.       Focus on the Word of God

8.       Pray specifically

9.       The victory often comes after the fast is over

10.  Use wisdom and caution when breaking a fast

a. Break the fast with easily digestible foods