Staff Directory

Aaron Goin Chief Financial Officer 865-251-2590 x 1602
Abby Goodman Finance Assistant
Adam Chapman Films Director
Adam Wilkerson fpKids Production Coordinator
A.J. Rucker Student Experience Coordinator
Dr. Ann Slimp Staff Counselor
Blake Conley Anderson Campus Student Pastor
Blake Wrinn Worship Band Coordinator
Brad Roberts Web Developer
Brandon Dunford Campbell Campus Pastor
Brenda Moore Receptionist 865-251-2590 x 1000
Briauna Gooden Worship Associate
Candis Cochran, M.A. Staff Counselor
Carrie Wrinn Farragut Campus fpKids Director
Dr. Chris Stephens Senior Pastor 865-251-2590 x 2000
Chris Looper Social Media Director / Worship Leader 865-251-2590 x 1300
Dr. Chuck Carringer Pastor of Leadership Development & Stewardship 865-251-2590 x 1101
Dillan Howell Production Director and Global Executive Producer
Drew Wells Pastor of Discipleship 865-251-2590 x 1302
Gina McClain Pastor of Children's Ministries 865-251-2590 x 1204
Gloria Petrowski Assistant to the Senior Pastor 865-251-2590 x 2000
Hannah Little Student Associate
Hayden Zelem Graphic Designer
Heidi Reed North Knox fpKids Administrative Assistant
Hope Hall Blount Campus fpKIDS Director
Jaclyn Holloway fpCreative Project Manager 865-251-2590 x 1503
Jacquelyn Graham Worship Associate - Vocal Coordinator
Jamie Davis Associate Pastor of Groups and Missions 865-251-2590 x 1203
Jeff Cochran Pellissippi Campus Student Pastor
Jennifer Spencer Volunteer Coordinator of Support Teams 865-251-2590 x 1402
Jessica Elston Worship Associate - Infuse Administration
Jody Kenyon Executive Assistant to Pastor of Groups and Missions 865-251-2590 x 1400
Joe Filipowicz IT Director 865-251-2590 x 1605
Dr. Josh Whitehead Executive Pastor 865-251-2590 x 1701
Justin Petrowski Band Director 865-251-2590 x 1502
Kandice Baker North Knoxville Campus fpKids Director 865-251-2590 x 1103
Kelly Carringer Pellissippi Groups Administrative Assistant
Kelsey Arnold Missions Assistant 865-251-2590 x 1408
Kelsey Rucker fpKids Volunteer Coordinator
Kristen Rogers fpKids Volunteer Coordinator
Kyle Gilbert Pastor of Communications & Internet Campus Pastor 865-251-2590 x 1704
Kyle Wall Pastor of Groups and Missions
Lance Asher Worship Associate - Next Generation Band
Levi Trentham Facilities Associate
Lisa Cole Kids Hope Director 865-251-2590 x 1409
Logan Hankins Student Creative Coordinator
Mallory Ellis Finance & Human Resources Director 865-251-2590 x 1603
Mark Winterton Farragut Campus Groups Pastor
Martha Williams HR Administrator
Marti Willen First Impressions & Facilities Director 865-251-2590 x 1703
Matt Grimes Blount Campus Pastor 865-251-2590 x 1706
Micah Stephens Creative Director
Michele Stephens Global Worship & Creative Arts Pastor 865-251-2590 x 1501
Michelle Hearon Blount Campus Administrative Assistant
Mike Baker North Knoxville Campus Pastor 865-251-2590 x 1708
Miles Creasman Blount Campus Pastor of Groups & Missions 865-251-2590 x 1005
Noah Marshall Student Associate
Noah Case North Knox Campus Student Pastor 865-251-2590 x 1306
Penny Spivey Next Steps Assistant
Phil Holloway Global Vocal Director & Farragut Campus Producer
Rachel Duncan Exec. Asst. to Worship & Creative Pastor/NKX Campus Producer 865-251-2590 x 1508
Rob Patrick Pellissippi Pastor of Groups and Missions 865-251-2590 x 1005
Robbie DeJarnette Anderson Campus Pastor
Robbie Freeman Anderson Campus Pastor of Groups & Missions
Sean Morris Blount Campus Producer
Shawn Reece Filmmaker
Sid Spiva Multisite Facilities Director
Sonja Moore Anderson Campus Producer
Suzanne Spiva Campbell Campus fpKids Director
Terri Gugliotta Blount Campus Family Ministry Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Reid fpKids Team Administrator 865-251-2590 x 1205
Tom Conley Anderson Campus Missions Pastor
Tommy Blackburn Farragut Campus Student Pastor
Tonja Breaux Farragut Campus Administrative Assistant 865-251-2590 x 1305
Tony Giordano IT Associate
Travis Spiva Campbell Campus Pastor of Groups and Missions
Tucker McGinnis Campbell Campus Producer
Vikki Huisman Assistant to the Executive Pastor
Wes Selecman North Knox Groups & Missions Pastor
Will Hodge Campbell Campus Student Pastor
Zac Stephens Farragut Campus Pastor 865-251-2590 x 1304