Kid Steps

Kid Steps

We want to partner with you to help determine when your child is ready for salvation and baptism.


Talking with your child about salvation is a tremendous blessing, but can oftentimes be challenging. How do you explain the significance of what Jesus has done in a kid-friendly way? The Salvation Conversation Guide is a series of questions you can ask to explore whether your child is ready for a decision of salvation.

Salvation Conversation Guide


If your child has expressed a readiness to be baptized, we'll take some steps to ensure that your child understands both salvation and the purpose of baptism. You can participate in the online baptism workshop, or a baptism workshop at your campus.

Baptism Class

Online Baptism Workshop

This online workshop is a guided video you can use at home to help ensure your child understands salvation and the purpose of baptism. After completing the workshop, please Email the Anderson Campus Email the Blount Campus Email the Campbell Campus Email the North Knox Campus Email the Pellissippi Campus email your campus kids director to a brief counseling session with an fpKids Baptism Counselor:


Register for the Baptism Class

Does your child still have questions about Salvation? Are they telling you they're ready to be baptized? All kids Kindergarten to 5th grade participate in our Salvation/Baptism Class prior to baptism. We cover basics such as the Plan of Salvation, the Purpose of Baptism and other details.

This class includes a Parent Connection where we connect with parents/guardians. We want to help you look ahead at what you can do to help your child establish an active faith in Christ. Use the following links to register at the Pellissippi Campus, Blount Campus, North Knox Campus, Anderson Campus, or Campbell Campus.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about fpKids, salvation, or baptism, please contact