Because many have given sacrificially towards our yearly offering...

Hundreds have followed Jesus in baptism.

Each additional campus has allowed us to reach more people. Over the last three years, we've added five locations: Blount, UT, North Knox, Anderson, and Campbell Campuses. As a result, 975 people have been baptized at a Faith Promise campus in the last two years, and East Tennessee will never be the same.

Orphaned children in India & Haiti have a home.

Following Jesus' command, we are ministering to needy children worldwide through funding two Haitian orphanages and a child-survival program in India. In Haiti alone, 80 children are fed and housed through our support.

We're maximizing our campus potential.

Over the past three years, our potential for reaching people has grown from 1,050 seats at a single campus to 3,125 seats available across six campuses.

Through additions and improvements to our Pellissippi Campus, we're maximizing our facility for outreach during peak times, adding a new children's building and 725 additional seats to the Worship Center. We continue to create environments where adults and children will encounter God.

Future campuses are on the horizon.

Today, we stand more committed than ever to a multisite approach to ministry. We will continue to strategically evaluate timing and begin new campuses in our effort to see people grow in Christ and make it hard to go to hell from East Tennessee.

Heart for the Harvest

At the center of our campus expansion is our yearly Heart for the Harvest Offering, a special time each year when we give sacrificially to further the ministry of Faith Promise and ask God to use our church to make an eternal difference in the world. This offering is key in our effort to launch new campuses and see exponential growth and changed lives.

We ask that you prayerfully considering giving above and beyond your regular tithes to the Harvest Offering weekend, Nov. 16-17, 2013. Contributions can be made online at any time by clicking here.

Or, click here for non-cash gifts.